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10:10 on City Road

Cardiff, Wales 2019

With thanks to PostPieces, Poetry Unheard and Made in Roath.

City Road in Cardiff, Wales is an area landmarked for its historically changing landscape. Influenced by the work and observations of Karel Appel, the project researched and reflected on the shifting social and urban uses within the neighbourhood.  

10:10 on City Road aimed to challenge the public into re-seeing the city they occupy and its potential for positive change.

Journeying up this road over the course of a day, from 10am to 10pm, thirteen hourly interventions took place, reimagining new uses for public space. This included sculpture, performance and community engagement, and was accompanied by a zine. As a direct response to its location and in a bid for topical sustainability, I used only locally sourced or waste materials.

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