A Conversation Piece

Gent, Belgium 2021

Bristol, England 2021

This project was facilitated by CARABOO Projects as part of their Artists Mentorship programme.

Due to ongoing travel restrictions, I was unable to journey back to my hometown of Bristol where I had been offered a week long artists residency at The Garage.


As someone preoccupied by the experiences of different spatial contexts, my inability to physically occupy the gallery space inspired me to create a response work; a conversation between sites. Influenced by nature and land art, I physically occupied a location that I felt to be the furthest from a white box gallery and the connotations associated with it.

Using several recorded conversations as a starting point, I chose to explore the ways I may be able to transpose an experience of The Garage into a forest in Belgium. I experimented with the different axis of 3D spaces, the patterns and angles of maps, architecture and natural environments and also with different materials. 

This spatial conversation will continue.

I will physically occupy The Garage later this year where I will endeavour to reverse transpositions.

With thanks to CARABOO Projects, Phil Root and Rachael Clerke.