De Hoop: een nomadische tuin

Leuven, 2022

De Hoop is a project in collaboration with Katinka De Jonge, Laurens Schnurrbart Martens and Marie Malingreau with support from Werk Tank and Cas-co.

Invited to occupy the green space outside of the social housing complex of Sint-Martensdaal, myself and three artists have invited the community and local organisations to help us grow fries with mayonnaise, the iconic dish of Belgium. This includes potatoes, sunflower oil, vinegar and salt to name a few ingredients. Together we will create something, and together we will eat.


This is a project about process and hope. It is an urban legend. 


During this time, we will also occupy the ateliers of Makleerplek as well as organise children's workshops and a symposium on green ecologies.