Horst Arts & Music

Vilvoorde, Belgium 2021

This project was the response to imagine a more sustainable future for Horst Festival.

Having disassembled a greenhouse in Normandy in France, Rotor Architects led a ten day construction workshop recreating the structure as a multi level pavilion stage. It was reassembled in an old swimming pool on the site of a former military base and will have a minimum life of two years in this location.

The workshop also consisted of site visits to ongoing projects by Rotor Architects, Ouest and the Zinneke Foundation in Brussels.

Created with

Alice Beiglig – Maya Bogaert – Tristan Boniver – Anna Brylka  – Zoë Cassady – Nacef Chakir – Dominic Daly – Valentin Defaisse – Bavo Gladiné – Maria Glionna – Samuel Hoornaert – Irati Lasa Amo – Hannes Jasper Marten – Ottavio Paponetti – Benjamin Poignon – Gianni Villa – Nikki Weynants

Photos by Ilias Teirlinck