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Plastische Demokratie

Düsseldorf, 2021

Plastische Demokratie was organised by Raumlabor as part of Beuys 2021. Workshops were led by Raumlabor, Collectif Etc., Maike Fraas, Martin Kaltwasser und Maik Ronz, STEALTH.unlimited, Arnold Dreyblatt, Tomma Suki Hinrichsen and Dominik Dober.

Occupying a square in the centre of the city over ten days, this workshop aimed to explore new ways of collective and democratic city-making. As part of the live-in-lab, myself and 70 participants slept, ate, cleaned, created and made decisions collectively about how to exist together and the ways we could use utilise public spaces.

Urban Brussels

Brussels, 2021

This workshop was led by 51N4E in preparation for

Brussels ArchiWeek 2021.

This workshop included guided tours around a variety of architecture and urban development projects happening around Brussels including Circularium, Tic Tac Arts Centre and Les Guinguettes. Drawing on our experience of these places, and in collaboration with other local participants, we experimented with ‘un-learning’ our fixed ideas and perspectives of the city through playful presentations of the built environment. This ended up shaping the itinerary and opening presentation for the ArchiWeek 2021.


Vilvoorde, 2021

This was a  ten day workshop led by Rotor Architects in the framework of Horst Arts & Music.

In response to the task of imagining a more sustainable future for Horst Festival, Rotor Architects guided a construction workshop based on their practice of circular economy. As a group, we recreated a greenhouse Rotor had collected in Normandy, France; its reassembled form functioning as a multi level pavilion stage for the festival. It was erected in an old swimming pool on the site of a former military base and will have a minimum life of two years in this location.

The workshop also consisted of site visits to ongoing projects by Rotor Architects, Ouest and the Zinneke Foundation in Brussels.


Cardiff, Wales 2018

TRASH was led by Aby Cohen as part of OISTAT50, with a team of 10 

international collaborators. It was developed as part of  CENA#3: Intersections.

This project was inspired by field trips to a deactivated tunnel in Wenvoe, Cardiff, UK. Reviewing our own experience of the space, as well as its history and influence on

the area, these collaborative investigations led to the creation of an experiential installation/action space. It included experiments in light, sound, movement and sculpture and was presented in four sessions for an audience of 90.

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