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De Hoop: een nomadische tuin

Leuven, 2022-2023

De Hoop is a project in collaboration with Katinka De Jonge, Laurens Mariën and Marie Malingreau and was produced by Werktank with support from Cas-co,  Buurtcentrum Sint-Maartensdal, STUK

and all the hopers.

Rooted in the social housing complex of Sint-Maartensdal, this project stemmed and flourished throughout the entire city of Leuven. Inhabitants and organisations adopted and harvested the ingredients of fries with mayonnaise, including potatoes, sunflowers for sunflower oil, mustard, eggs and onions for the sauce and salt from the sea. Together, a nomadic garden was formed and the iconic dish of Belgium was served.


This is a project about food production, slowness, human and environmental ecologies 

... and also about hope.


During this time we organised workshops, an interactive exhibition and a symposium on green structures, growth processes and (urban) agriculture.

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In 2023, we created a short film in an attempt to reflect on the process of large scale collaboration and the complicated nature of social artistic projects.

Photos by De Hoop and Tim Theo Deceuninck

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