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Tune in Radio Poort

Gent, 2023-2024

This project is in collaboration with Lennert Janssens

with support from Alles Kan, De Koer and Nomadic School of Arts,

and with thanks to Leontien Allemeersch, Elly van Eeghem and

all the volunteers and participants along the way.

This is a project about, by and for the Brugse Poort, a neighbourhood in Gent, Belgium. Whilst strong communities exist, they rarely interact. We instigated this project as a means to investigate how people live collectively and what it means to share space in a neighbourhood.


Using only locally sourced and waste materials from the Brugse Poort, we hosted a construction workshop at De Koer in April 2023, where we built a mobile radio station together with people from the neighbourhood.

We are now touring the radio station around the area, collecting content for the radio shows in the form of audio workshops, conversations, performances and lectures before hosting listening events and broadcasts for the neighbourhood to listen back. 

Find out more at

or on instagram

More to come.

Photos by Diete Steelandt and Leontien Allemeersch

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